We offer our clients:

- Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Projects & Consulting.

- Resource Assessments & Competent Person Reports (CPR).

- Subsurface Due Diligence & Data Room Evaluations.

- Reserves base line check for E&P investments.

- Due Diligence on CCS subsurface projects (Hydrocarbon or aquifer systems). 

Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Projects.

History Match. Production Optimization. Uncertainty Workflows.

We have many years of consulting experience for different E&P clients. History Matching under Uncertainty & Optimized Production Forecasts. Inhouse reservoir engineering/simulation consulting or dynamic modeling as a product. Simulators are ECLIPSE, INTERSECT or tNav. All possible in combination with Petrel or MEPO. 
We have build-up a European network of very experienced reservoir simulation engineers who support our clients in their daily simulation projects. 


We believe in automated history matching. It saves our client's time and resources. The static to dynamic parameter uncertainty matrix will guide the workflow. We make sure all subsurface uncertainties are captured in a comprehensive history match simulation project. All relevant parameter ranges are carried to the probabilistic production forecast (p10, p50, p90)

Independent Reserves & Resource Assessments. 

Competent Person's Report (CPR) & Reserves Certification.

We offer Reserves Assessments and Certification of oil and gas assets worldwide. We provide an experienced network of the G&G domain to subsurface engineering or oilfield economics. We work for small to midsize independent oil and gas operators and also financial institutions.

Due Diligence Projects (M&A) and Data Room Evaluations.

 Data Room for asset divestment or acquisitions. We work for the buyer and or the seller. Conventional or unconventional. We handle large data amounts as well as minimal data sets provided by difficult resources. Data analytic is our main expertise. 


We’re more than a bunch of experts. We’re a family of like-minded people, using our passion and our skills to make a difference.

CO2 storage capacity in Hydrocarbon reservoirs or aquifer systems

The CO2 storage capacity in potential CO2 reservoirs is calculated on the basis of its recoverable hydrocarbon reserves. Static reservoir properties and in-situ CO2 characteristics have to be considered in each study. 
The effective storage capacity is based on various coefficients whose numerical values have to be determined through numerical simulations.

Reserves Baseline Checks for US Unconventionals

You are looking for experts in unconventional oil and gas reservoir evaluations? You like to validate your investment or need a CPR for any onshore or offshore oil and gas project? We also have access to one of the  largest production databases to cross check your investment. 

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