Deliverables & Services

Dynamic Reservoir Simulation.

History Match. Production Optimization. Uncertainty Workflows.

The fundamental basis for a dynamic simulation model is the 3D static geoscience model. Any outcome from the flow model will be a feedback loop to the the GnG domain to improve the reservoir understanding and model building.

The dynamic simulation model represents calibrated geological flow units populated with dynamic properties and fluid data. Key uncertainties in properties, fluid and production will be recognized in the history matching process and visualized in Tornado charts. 

Minimizing the defined objective function (phase and pressure match) will guide the probabilistic automated history matching process.

The prediction cases will have a probabilistic outcome based on the defined parameter uncertainties. Field Developments will get optimized production outcomes or will provide the basis potential economic viability (commerical KPIs).

CPR & Reserves.

Competent Person's Report & Reserves Certification.

Independent reserves and resource assessments is undertaken by all technical subsurface disciplines, from geoscience, reservoir, petroleum and oilfield economists. Our services are build on the SPE-PRMS classification system. We have a long track record of due diligence work and reserves projects. Our reserves report are made for the financial industries and we count on standardization.

We are fully aware of the responsibility to assess your hydrocarbon volumes. Evaluating an asset or investing in an opportunity starts with a reliable reserve report.

Due Diligence.

Subsurface due diligence from G&G, engineering to petroleum economics. 

Due Diligence projects are based on comprehensible visualization of the fields and caters for a deep technical asset insight allowing to identify challenging areas and opportunities, including an extrapolation into future production. 
We improve asset understanding and oversight where timely delivery is critical. Seismic, G&G, Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering to oil field economics evaluations are possible. 

The techno-commercial due diligence is a full evaluation to determine asset value to optimize technical and commercial KPIs. Clients can achieve short turnaround times using ‘real-time’ models of any business scenario.

We enable a fully probabilistic evaluation to determine probability of commerciality by using state of the are technology, like Matlab, Tableau, Petrel, ECLIPSE, INTERSECT, Mepo, tNav or ValNav. It is of most importance to provide auditable and repeatable results by having standardized (customization) reports.

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